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    We are the finest student exchange agency in Jordan accommodating numerous student applications every season...

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    Cosmopolitan provides its’ students with the best equipped classrooms that meet their course expectations, our...

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Modern Arabic Language

The modern Arabic language is a simplified version of the classic Arabic language, and it is the closest language to the speech spoken in everyday life but in eloquence not colloquial. And it is a p ...

  Jun 8th -Aug 10th Amman, Jordan Know More
Classic Arabic Language

When we talk about classic Arabic language, we mean the language that we differentiate with it the holy Quran and the ancient Arabic poetry, and it is a strong language with vocabulary that is not u ...

  Aqaba, Jordan Know More
Arabic language in the diplomatic field

This study focuses on the use of the modern Arabic language in the political and diplomatic field, and it deals with vocabulary and expressions that are meant for the use in the political field, new ...

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Vernaculars represent the daily spoken language that people use in their daily dealings, and it is called (dialect) because it is not different from the classical language, ...

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Dialects and their families

Arabic dialects vary by country and regions within the same country: ...

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Classes Models

All private classes and groups guarantee to cover 80% of the period of study in classroom learning to cover three skills: reading, speaking, and writing, and 20% in the laboratory to learn the skill ...

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Programs by dates

Programs by dates table, check now ...

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Other Courses

Cosmopolitan presents other courses besides Arabic language, but it is related courses to culture and environment to the Arab nation and these courses will raise the level of communication between t ...

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Eloquence Arabic language in the field of religions

This course is presented especially for student of theology and comparative religion, and who cut off a long way in studying the Arabic language ...

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Student Resident

For large groups, there is always the option of sharing a dormitory of high safety and comfort standards with local and international students, this would...

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Student House

Students can choose to live in shared apartments with a walking distance to their classes, you may choose between single, double and triple rooms.

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Home Stay

Students can be housed with Jordanian families who are prepared to host international students; a student would have two meals per day (breakfast and dinner)...

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Students can have the luxury of choosing to stay in a Hotel of their choice, as Aqaba offers a wide variety of hotels whether in...

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About Jordan

Jordan is an Arab country located in the Levant region that is known for its’ rich culture and warm people. Jordan has been always (and still is) well known of the generosity and hospitality of its’ people as well as being the home to many historical religious sites and some of the world’s earliest known churches. ...

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Giving the students the chance to get introduced to the Jordanian culture and widen their horizons by meeting new people and studying abroad.

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A comprehensive orientation will be provided to the students upon their arrival to Jordan to introduce them to the lifestyle inside and outside of Aqaba;...

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Daily Experience

Allowing the students to share their daily experiences and inspirational scenes with each other for them to make the most of their program in every...

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Cosmopolitan offers to arrange the following outings for students who want to explore Jordan and live new adventures. Petra Al Karak castle Amman tour Dead...
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Volunteer and join a passionate and dedicated team of people who help others. Become more productive, and work to improve the quality of life for...
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Lets Meet Up

Organized activities that include all students allowing them to mingle and share cultures with one another. Cooking: Meet up and cook your national dishes for...
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