Work and Travel

This program is such an extraordinary experience for anyone and everyone looking to live in a new culture, meet wonderful new people, experience the diversity of our human race, and explore the universal principles of what it means to truly live life, while learning something about them as a result.

Work and Travel USA allows our students to discover life in the United States with great flexibility and at an affordable cost. The Work and Travel Program is designed for the purpose of giving overseas students a chance to become more than typical tourists by having a firsthand experience of what the U.S. is all about, by working with U.S. citizens in temporary employment. Most importantly you earn money while you are on a journey to self-discovery ".
Throughout the Work and Travel USA Program you can work in a variety of jobs in the U.S. for a period not to exceed 4 months during your summer vacation. This program allows you to immerse yourself in American culture, earn money, enhance your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) , develop life-long friendships, and help you gain self confidence and personal skills, discover fascinating places, and act as a student representative of your home country.

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Requirements to Participate in Work and Travel:

You should be between 18 and 28 years old.
Be registered as a full-time Collage and University students.
Be skillful enough in the English language to adequately communicate in an English-speaking work environment.

Program duration:

Typically the exchange program lasts for 4 months starting from June, during the official vacations students have in their home country. International exchange students can work for 3 months, and then they have the 30-day 'grace period' for leaving the States. They are not allowed to work during this period. The exact program dates are indicated in the document known as DS-2019, which your seasonal employee is required to keep at all times.

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Why to go Work and Travel ??

How to apply ??

  1. Those who wish to participate submit their applications to our office (Sponsor of Work & Travel program). Applications must be submitted at least 2 months prior to your planned departure date.

  2. ssuming you meet all eligibility criteria we will confirm your participation on the program and invoice you for the balance of the program fee which is payable on receipt.

  3. Once your application has been approved by our company, we will supply you with your DS-2019 form and other forms that are needed for your interview at the US embassy.

  4. Attend your interview at the US embassy and obtain your J-1 visa in your passport.

  5. Book your flight as soon as you have your J-1 visa.

  6. Depart on an adventure of a lifetime.

What you should not forget at the airport !!

Important documents

  1. SEVIS

    Student & Exchange Visitor Information System:

    the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a government, computerized system that maintains and manages data about foreign students and exchange visitors during their stay in the United States.

  2. DS-2019

    The DS-2019 is a multi-purpose document issued by a U.S. government-approved institution (or organization) certifying that your admission into a program has been accepted and that you have demonstrated sufficient financial resources to stay in the U.S. for the length of the DS-2019 form. The DS-2019 is officially titled the "Certificate of Eligibility" because with it, you are "eligible" to apply for a J-1 visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad.

  3. J-1 Visa

    is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange. J-1 visa holders are expected to leave the United States for their home country upon the completion of their J-1 program. For the purpose of travelling exchange visitors are granted a 30-day grace period in addition to the time determined by their program. All holders of J-1 visas are required to be entered into the SEVIS tracking system.

  4. Enjoy your moments!

While Return from your life journey, don't forget

  1. Applying for Tax back

    As a working student in the U.S. you will be subject to tax rates which are deducted from your paychecks, nevertheless it will not be the same tax rate applied to U.S. citizens, since you are only a visitor the rates will be less, and at the end of the year you will get a portion of it back by applying for a tax back registration form, apply now for the tax-back

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